January airs

January is here, the holidays are over and now we have a long pause before anything note worthy happens. Sure, there are small holidays here and there over the next month or so, but nothing big enough to give everyone a day or three off.
Instead we are all forced to move ahead, forgetting the days off we have had over the past month or so. Now there is only one thing to look forward to, Baseball’s Spring Training! 45 days until pitchers and catchers report, more or less.
Between now and then, we can still enjoy our hot chocolate, comic books and bowls of chili, I do not recommend enjoying all three at one time, however.
On these cold days that this month will bring, there is still nothing like enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate while reading a favorite comic book, unless it’s enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while reading a comic book as you count down the time until you can taste chili that has been cooking for hours.
Who doesn’t enjoy a bowl of chili? The heat of the pepers, the spices bringing out every flavor, add some cheese and perhaps sour cream if you enjoy it and you’ve got yourself a meal that’s sure to warm you up, throw a handful of tortilla chips on the side for a bit of a crunch to make it perfect.
Of course everyone had their own idea of just how hot and spicy a bowl of chili should be, along with what it should have in it, but I say just basic and as hot as possible.
My best advice to you to endure this time of year is to just laugh at the weather, ignore the bad things and concentrate on good food, good hot chocolate and good comic books.

Thanks for reading.
What are your thoughts about chili?

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