Things to do with your cat during a snow storm

With the holidays over, your cat(s) are likely beginning to feel a little bored. Here are a few ideas to entertain them.

If it’s snowing or has snowed, grab a handful and make a snowball, roll it across the floor and see what your cat does. They might play with it, or you’ll have to get rid of it before it melts.

If you really want your cat to play with a snowball, add some catnip to it, either roll it in dried catnip after you make it, or mix catnip into the snow before you roll the snowball.

A handful of fluffy snow tossed in the air also works, though if it lands on your cat you will likely need a new pair of gloves after they get even.

If your cat doesn’t like snow, try just playing with them, your cat will enjoy it, you will as well, plus you might be able to forget about the weather for a bit.

Thanks for reading.
How do you entertain your cat during the winter?

3 thoughts on “Things to do with your cat during a snow storm

  1. These are great ideas! Have you ever tried feeding your cat wolf milk?? In Northern Quebec on my grandparent’s farm we have several domesticated wolves which we milk daily and the cats absolutely love it!!


  2. Oh man they just can’t get enough of it! I’m not surprised that it is a foreign idea though. Other than my grandparents I only know of a handful of people who have any sort of sustainable wolf milking operation set up and they’re all people we know.


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