Random thoughts for January 9th

Tonight I have a few random thoughts for you, enjoy.

Freezing drizzle, while its a large weather term describing a light rain that freezes as it falls, doesn’t it sound like something you’d eat for dessert? Or at least an option with ice cream?

With how everything is marketed so crazily these days, why hasn’t someone labeled a regular, plain potato chip as potato flavored?

With how the jet stream effects the weather so much, why couldn’t we place giant fans to adjust it? We could eliminate or reduce severe weather if it worked.

Why is it that email seems to take longer to read when you have less time to devote to it?

If a blog post makes little sense, should it still be posted?

When it becomes time to stop procrastinating and write a blog post, you can always count on a cat to stop you.

Thanks for reading!


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