The ides of January

The ides of January are upon us. while everyone has heard of the des of March, we’re near the ides of January.
In my opinion, the ides of any winter month should be spent with a pile of comic books and hot chocolate by the gallon. A cinnamon roll or two, warm with frosting slightly melting is a welcome addition as well.
While the weather can be warmer than normal or colder than normal at this time of year, at any moment you could find yourself in the middle of a blizzard that threatens to drive you and your cat crazy. Luckily we humans can escape the weather, at least for a few moments, by immersing ourselves in media of all sorts, from tv, comic books or whatever you enjoy most our pets can’t.
For our pets we need to set aside a few minutes and take care of their needs. While they will never be completely comfortable with snowy weather, you can get your cat some cat grass, a soft blanket to sleep on and a fair amount of catnip, they won’t even mind the weather for a while with all of that.
For comic book reading this week, I recommend any that take place on a tropic island. Those aren’t that hard to find, as comic book writers typically manage ways to send their heroes all over the world at some point in the series history. Take a look around and see what you find, maybe you’ll find something new that you’ll enjoy.

I do want to alert everyone that reads my blog that for the next few weeks I’m reducing the number of new posts to three a week, though I might sneak an extra post in every now and then if feel like it.
Thanks for reading!

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