January drama

We’re to the point in January where the drama emerges, weather drama that is. We have hit the days where the weather is even less predictable than normal, will tomorrow be unseasonably warm? Unseasonably cold? Will it snow? Will we get rain? Will the wind blow?
Of all those questions, only the last one can be answered: Yes! Yes the wind will blow, it might even gust in spots. There might be a day where the wind is reasonably calm, but face it; the wind always is with us, no matter what else the weather is doing, we’ll always have wind. Even Mars has wind for that matter.
So what are we to do during these day of uncertainty? What can we do no matter the weather, be it warm or cold?
Drink hot chocolate and read comic book, or at least that’s what I suggest, maybe with a chocolate chip cookie or three thrown in for good measure.
It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining brightly, or if snow is falling, there is nothing like a good cup of hot chocolate during the winter. You can stand looking out the window laughing at the snow, or, if it’s sunny and warm, you can enjoy the warm weather outside while drinking your hot chocolate and reading a comic book.
What kind of comic book is good for this time of year? Old time cartoon comic books are a good bet, they are light hearted and fun, just what this kind of uncertain weather calls for.
I hope you can find a bit of time in your day to drink a cup of hot chocolate and read a comic book, or part of a comic book. It’s important to take a few minutes every day to relax and forget about everything.
Thanks for reading,


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