Jokes for January 21st

It’s Wednesday night again and I’ve got some new jokes for you. These jokes might not all be the funniest jokes out there, but I like them, I hope you do as well.


A safe cracker was looking to retire, but he agreed to pull one last job for an old pal of his. It turned out that the safe was inside a bakery. The job went smoothly and he was soon divvying up the loot with his pal at the hideout. As he counted out the money, his pal inquired how hard the safe had been to crack. The safe cracker grinned and replied that it had been a piece of cake.

A juggler tried to get a job with a traveling circus in Antarctic that was run by snowmen, when he didn’t get the job, he shrugged and said “That’s snow biz.”

While trying to grow his wrist chronometer business, what kind of job was he advised to do
A night watchman.


What did the crooked ice cream vendor do when he saw the police closing in on him?
He froze.

What happened when the robot left his arm outside on a cold January night?
He got a cold shoulder.

What happened when the gardener removed unwanted plants from hi onion crop?
He weeded it and weeped.

Other jokes

A Mathematician, Physicist and a Chemist were arguing over a trivial question. In order to come up with an answer to their arguement, they hired an explosive expert to blowup a box of baked goods, it was the only way they could determine how the cookie crumbed.

In an attempt to enlarge a mine, a new shaft was dug, unfortunately it was unstable and collapsed late one night, no one was hurt, but a bakery was distroyed. The owner of the mine also owned the bakery/ When he was interviewed by a newspaper, he just shrugged and said that that was the way the cookie crumbles.

That’s all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed these jokes.
Please feel free to comment.
Thanks for reading.


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