Fading January

We’re down to the last, fading, days of January. While the days are getting longer, we still have a long way to go until Spring arrives.
This also seems to be the part of Winter that tries to make us think that the worst is over and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on, but we know better, we know that while the weather might be nicer, at least for many of us, this week, there is another heavy snowstorm lurking somewhere out there, just waiting for us to let our guard down, just like how many comic books end, the supposed vanquished super villain lurks nearby while the heroes celebrate their victory.
Thus we must remain on guard, hot chocolate ever ready, a nice warm cupcake about to be frosted and a cat waiting for a lpa, these are our weapons against winter, weapons everyone loves to use.
What comic book should you have ready, you might be asking right now, it’s an interesting question to ponder. My only suggestion to you this week is to read an old favorite or three, they will take less time to read, plus you can spend a bit more time petting the cat that will be watching you, waiting for something fun to happen or food to magically appear in front of them.
Cats don’t seem to mind if you read comic books quite as much as regular books, but I believe they’d enjoy them much more if there would be a cat as a hero. I’ve been trying to think of any comic book that has a cat as a main character that doesn’t end up looking either like a fool or fighting a mouse that is depicted as the hero.
Can you think of one? I’d be interested to hear about it.
Thanks for reading.


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