Jokes for January 27th

Can you believe it? It’s Wednesday night again, time for some more jokes!
Some of these jokes are a bit diferant, but I think that they are god for a chucke.
I hope you enjoy these!


An astronomer walked home after shopping for groceries, he never noticed that one of the bags was ripping until he heard a bottle smash onto the street behind him. The astronomer turned and laughed, to a passerby he said “There’s the Milky Way!”

A prominent psychologist decided to move his practice to the country, so he bought an old farm. On the farm was an old smokehouse, he turned the smokehouse into his office.
An actor who was having problems went to the psychologist one day for help, he couldn’t resist asking hm why he had moved his practice to the country, the psycoogist waved off the question as he was eager to get down to business, instead he promised “When we get done here, you’ll be a cured ham!”


How did the comedian learn his trade?
By the comic book.

How did the weather forecaster know if it was going to snow?
He didn’t.


Why did the farmer become an astronomer?
Because he found the milking way.

Why did the chicken fear the comedian?
He butchered his jokes.


What did the super villain say after he opened a package he stole from a department store and saw what was inside?
“It’s curtains for me!”

I hope you enjoyed these jokes, thanks for reading!


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