Jokes for February 4th

It’s Wednesday night again and I’ve got a few interesting jokes for you tonight. These jokes might take a little thought, but I think they are worth it. I hope you enjoy the puns too!

What, Why and When

What did the powdered drink company’s CEO say to his employees as he retired.
Tangs for the memories.

Why did the chocolate maker build a mint?
He wanted to make chocolate mints.

When the candy factory burned, what did the firemen say?
Hot chocolate!


A scientist working for the Coconut orange coffee organization of America devised a teleport device for moving large amounts of food stuffs to a central warehouse, he called it Instant COCOA.

During the 1940s, many movie studios began putting out super hero serials. Not wanting to be left out, one studio decided to create a super hero who was a corn farmer when he wasn’t fighting crime. It went on to become the longest running cereal of all time.

A music instrument maker was accused of copying a rivals patented design. After months of arguing, the case went to court. The accused declared that he could prove that he had the right to use the design. The judge asked to see the proof, the accused pulled out a letter and began “Accordion to this letter…”

A farmer sent his daughter Victoria to feed the hens. As she was feeding them they formed a circle around her. The farmers young son saw what happened and ran to the barn were the farmer was working, shouting “Pa! The chicken cacciatore!”

I hope you enjoyed these jokes and puns tonight.
Thanks for reading.

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