Unusual February

This is an unusual February to say that least, the weather has been odd in many places, some have been warmer than normal and others colder, few if any have been normal.

During these unsettled days, we have many choices to make, some easy and some hard. Hot chocolate or iced tea? Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie or a scoop of mint ice cream?
While these might be trivial things, they still require a bit of thought, are biggest choice is what kind of comic books we should read, to that I feel a random mix of every comic series you enjoy, if the weather is going to be unusual, why shouldn’t your comic reading be as odd?

This is my suggestion: Begin with an old romance comic, follow it with an old war comic and finish your comic break with a random assortment of superhero comics.

Make sure that your cats are enjoying the weather regardless of what it is where you are, they can get confused by the weather at least as much as we humans do, a bit of catnip and a few treats will do wonders for them.

Perhaps over the next week the weather will get back to normal, at which point we can all enjoy a few mugs of hot chocolate with a plate of warm cookies on the side.
Until then, enjoy a pepperoni pizza with your next favorite drink.

Thanks for reading.

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