Jokes for February 11th

another Wednesday, another bunch of jokes.
I hope you enjoy these jokes, I know I enjoyed coming up with them.


Why did the Wall Street broker start a bakery?
He had plenty of dough.


How do you tell if a candy bar has a nut in it?
Anyone wearing a candy bar Is nuts.

How do you make soup for the richest person in the world?
With gold bullion.

Which is better?

Once again I have two versions of nearly the same joke, which is better?

After a bloody battle, Blackbeard had lost most of his crew. He began setting pots of dirt all over his ship, much to the dismay of his crew, when he began putting maize seeds in them, the crew demanded an explanation. He replied “We need more pirates, These plants are a good source of buccaneers!”

Why did the pirate captain start farming corn?
He needed some Buccaneers.

Why did the mad scientist create a machine that could only cause rain inside buildings on farms?
He wanted to go barnstorming!

A scientist decided to give up his career to become a pilot. After spending two years learning everything he could about flying, he discovered that he wasn’t able to get his pilot license due to his questionable past, he became angry and went went and invented a gadget that caused storms to form in farm building. He told interviewers that he had sworn to go barnstorming one way or another.

More laughs

What do you call a bar for workers from a chocolate factory?
A candy bar!

When the forecaster was writing about a snow storm, he apologized on air, saying ” Sorry, no show on the snow show.”

There you go, that’s all the jokes for tonight. With luck you got a chuckle out of a few of these.
Thanks for reading!


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