Random thoughts for February 13th

A few random thoughts to keep you thinking going into the weekend:

I’ve seen many scratching pads that have belonged to cats,, but I’ve never seen any notes on them.

I’ve sometimes wondered if the key to being a good golfer would be to drink a lot of tea before you tee off.

You should always watch a clock if time is flying.

It’s well known that a watched pot never boils, but I wonder who puts a watch on a pot, also is it a pocket watch or a wrist watch?

It’s easy to make a combination lock, take a few locks and pieces of chain, lock them together so that you have to open a combination of them to remove the chain.

A word of advice, never annoy a cat, they might bite you if they are annoyed enough, in which case you’ll become cat nipped.

If a joke isn’t funny, can you tell if no one reads it?

That’s about all the random thoughts I’ve got tonight.
Thanks for reading my blog!

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