Unsettling February

Or should it be unsettled February? It depends on how you look at it. With the weather being as it has been this month, either works.
With winter hitting again and hitting hard, it’s time to double our hot chocolate intake and read an extra comic book or five, after all we need something to pass the time until the weather warms again.

What comic books should one read this week? Anything that has action and takes place somewhere warm, be it a beach, a tropical isle or even a Peruvian mountain top, just so that you can immerse yourself in it and forget the cold snow and ice for a while.

Another suggestion is to have a nice hot chocolate chip cookie, fresh from the oven in addition to your hot chocolate. Add a cat that had had catnip and you’re set for hours, or days days if your cat gets his way.

With most of a week left ahead of us, all we can hope is that the weather warms up a bit, even if it doesn’t, just remember that spring is coming, it might take another two months to arrive, but it’s on it’s way.

Thanks for reading, stay warm this week.


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