Jokes for Wednesday February 18th

It’s Wednesday night again and do I have some jokes for you!
As baseball’s spring training begins tomorrow, I have a few new baseball jokes for you tonight as well.


When the mechanical pencil tried out grow the baseball team, it got the lead out.

Why did the venture capitalist buy a baseball team?
He loved great pitches.

Why did the inventor try out for the baseball team?
He had a great pitch.

Why wasn’t the carafe able to become a pitcher for a baseball team?
It had lost its glasses.


When a cellphone company decided to expand into major markets, they chose a name for it reminiscent of an existing cellphone. Unfortunately for them, the name didn’t translate right, In English it became the ‘phone eye’

Annoyed with constantly dropping his pepper grinder, an inventor created a pepper grinder that would float in the air. He became a millionaire with his mill on air.


When a shoe store ended up filled with snow, they had a snowshoe sale.

Why did the boxer take his laundry to the ring?
Because he kept getting socked.

I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight, I know I enjoyed coming up with them.
Thanks for reading!


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