Random thoughts for February 20th

Welcome to another post filled with thoughts that are so random, they are discouraged in twelve galaxies.

With how much cats love to roll, why don’t they roll in catnip? You’d think that they’d want to smell the smell of catnip for hours.

You’d think when baseballs spring training began that the weather would start warming up, instead another storm is coming… Maybe.

Why do we wear slippers to keep from slipping?

When the weather casters start talking about rivers in the sky, I start wondering if we wouldn’t be better off with old time soothsayers to predict the weather.

If you used bananas to make bandanas to wrap a cake, would you end up with a fruitcake?

If you’d put a fruitcake on a drone, would you get a fruit fly?

If a dog steals a joke book and vanishes, would that be dog gone funny?

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

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