Cold February

With how cold and snowy this February had been for many of us, I doubt that many people are sorry to see it come to an end. Unfortunately there is still most of a week left to it, a week that seems certain to see even more snow and cold weather for many areas.

The only good thing about the cold this month is the many opportunities to drink hot chocolate and eat hot chocolate chip cookies, other hot drinks can be drank as well, as long as they are hot enough. A good rule of thumb is if your drink burns your mouth it’s almost warm enough.

A chocolate chip cookie is a delicate thing, while a simple think by most estimates, it is also a complicated thing as well, use too little flour and you get a very flat a crisp cookie, quite unlike the fluffy, gooey melt in you mouth goodness that you want in a cookie. Even the brown sugar you use can change the texture of your cookies.

It is alway at the end of the month that we should try to read the last issues of our favorite defunct comic series, after a month like this one had been, we all need to relax and enjoy a good comic book.
As we prepare to say fair well to February, it’s a good time to say fair well once more to those comic characters whose series have ended.

Thanks for reading.


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