Jokes for March 4th

I’ve got some cheesy jokes for you tonight, I hope you enjoy them, I enjoyed coming up with them



An artist who specialized in carving marble statues was hired to carve a statue out of cheese, he worked diligently on it. His employer checked in to see how the statue was coming, the artist just said “So far so Gouda.”
A dairyman was trying to drum up new business, he was out on the road in California with a few sample cheese wheels when he had a flat tire. With only a crowbar to lift his car, he was forced to use the cheese wheels to hold it up, in doing so he invented the Monterey Jack.
A man named Monterey moved to California to start a dairy. He had dreamed for years of inventing a new kind of cheese, the only problem was he didn’t know anything about making cheese, something which his neighbors kept telling him every time he convinced them to try one of his cheeses, they’d always say “Monterey, you don’t know jack about cheese.” This went on for several years, but one day old Monterey managed to create the best cheese anyone had tasted, everyone asked the what he called it, he always smiled and said “Monterey Jack.”
A group of adventurers never had any trouble with their adventures except for corn mazes, corn mazes were one thing that they could never manage to navigate, at least until they managed to get a milk maid to join their group, she always got the whey out.
It was the prizefight of the year, it was the Cheese against the Cake, the Cheese was the favorite, it had been training for this fight its whole life, the Cake was the underdog due to it having crumbled during its previous fight. The fight was over quickly, it was a knockout punch thrown by the Cake that won it, it was proclaimed throughout the world that the Cheese had been creamed.
A cheese maker rowed a longboat around the world as a publicity stunt, he milked it for all it was worth.
Why to dairymen like blood drenched mystery novels?
That like everything curdled.

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