Random thoughts for March 6th

Tonight I have a few more random thoughts for you, be warned, these come from my own brain and may be very random.

It’s March now, February is now only a (not so) distant memory.  Now if only the weather stays nice…

When a cat runs right at you, you can be sure it’s due to one of the following:

  • You’re holding a toy.
  • Your cat has been in to the catnip.
  • He wants to kill you.

On occasion it could be all three.

With all the new TV channels that there are now, the over the air ones anyway, you’d think it would be easy for an up and coming station to get good affiliates, instead they can be the worst one around. 

Somedays you get to watch what you want to watch, other days you watch the news. Luckily you can always play on your tablet and ignore the news anyway.

Everyone needs to be prepared to make tough decisions, you never know when you’ll have to choose between pizza and nachos.

The world always needs a better mousetrap, but ask any cat and they will tell you that they don’t need a better food bowl.

Someone needs to figure out why time moves differently on weekends, things never take the same amount of time as they do during the week.

If a cat were to blog, would she ever get around to writing a post, or would she play with the mouse instead?

Thanks for reading, I hope you got a chuckle out of these.


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