Marching towards the ides (of March)

Friends, bloggers, everyone, lend me a few moments of your time.

We’re on an unceasing March to the ides of this month, it falls on this coming Sunday this year, everyone named Julius Ceaser should take note and appropriate precautions.

Spring is also right around the corner, which is something to look forward to, though it is with a heavy heart that we will be giving up hot chocolate. However the benefits of the forthcoming season of lemonade outweighs the sorrow of the loss of molten chocolate.

Thankfully, we’ll always have hot chocolate chip cookies, no matter the season, and also comic books. Soon we’ll also have ice cream once more as well.

What kind of comic books are good to read right now? I’d suggest anything that you really like this week, be it super hero or cartoon, it’s sometimes important to take a break and read what you like, without any thought other than your enjoyment.

The main thing we should all remember this month in regards to Spring, is that we are coming to it, we’ll see it and of course we’ll conquer it on our way to summer.

Thanks for reading!


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