Marching with a Spring in your step

Now that the ides of March have past, we have Spring dead ahead, soon Winter will be only a figment of our memories… at least until the next storm hits, a storm that may be one last blast of winter, even if it’s a week or more away.

Spring is a good time for many things, a last cup of hot chocolate, cleaning, organizing comic books, trying to create a chocolate lemonaid blend. However it is a great time to start a comic series. It can be simply reading an old series that you never got around to, something new or any mix of the two.

Any kind of comic books are great, whether they are  superhero, cartoon, horror, ghosts or something else entirely, the main thing is to read and enjoy your comic books.

 While the weather season is changing, I feel that we can all agree that one thing that transcends all seasons is chocolate chip cookies. While there are those who sing the praises of oatmeal cookies, I feel confident that is a contest between the two kinds of cookies chocolate chip would win hands down.

This is also the time of year that cats begin going crazy, however you might not notice much difference, save for your cats begining to shed their winter coat. It’s still necessary to keep playing with them, however, playing with your cat will keep them worn out so they can’t plot world domination… orat least plan to keep you around if they do. 

In conclusion, I hope everyone can enjoy the begining of spring, also don’t forget to eat corn with your beef tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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