Jokes for March 18th

It’s nearly Spring once again and I’ve got a few jokes for you tonight that I hope will have you springing out of your chair with laughter. I’ve got a few new joke as well as a few jokes from last year that sprang up.


The seasons met at a resturant meeting. They agreed in advance to buy their own lunch. When one of the seasons decided to order something sweet to top off its meal, a wise guy from a neighboring table called out “Look who’s Springing for dessert!” 

A famous chef it cooking furiously to finish a meal for a very important person when he runs out of spices, thinking quickly, he sends his apprentice out to get some seasonings. A few minutes later the apprentice returns with a sack from a hardware store. “I got my favorite season!” The apprentice declared as he poured the contents on to the counter. Seeing the pile springs on the counter was too much for the famous chef and he fired his apprentice after putting him in his place. The apprentice was last seen with a spring in his step.

When the CEO of a clock company left on vacation, he entrusted the wellbeing of the company parrot to the rest of the office personnel. When he returned a week later, the parrot was gone. He launched an investigation which found that the cage door lock had been sprung. An employee stepped forward and admitted responsibility. The CEO looked at him and said “So you’re saying you allowed the lock to spring on Sprung’s cage door, or are you just a fall guy?”

While plotting a jail break, the gang unanimously agreed not to use the egg, he always cracked under pressure.

When the bread was looking for a volunteer to free the butter, he was surprised when the egg spoke up and said: “I’ll spring the butter, I may crack under pressure however.”

The clock made the baseball team because he had spring in his step.


Why do superheroes like the early part of the year best? 

They’re always springing into action! 

Why did the clock make the baseball team?
Because he had spring in his gait.


What season is a mechanic’s favorite season? 


 What does March have in common with an old mattress? 

They both have Springs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes tonight. I’ll have a new batch of jokes next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.

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