Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

Now that winter is past, we can get the big snow storms, right?

With the change of seasons, we have much to look forward to:

  • Baseball
  • Lemon aid 
  • Plenty of sun for cats to sleep in
  • Much more

With the changing of seasons we also get a step closer to Summer, which means Fall is within sight, which just shows how you can always look too far into the future and miss the moment.

With spring comes baseball, within a matter of days the season will begin. Some teams will play well, some won’t. Some teams will live up to expectations, while others will fall far short of their potential.


I do have a few Springy words of wit and wisdom for you tonight:

    The guy who invented watch springs must have been wound up.

    Spring is a time to stop and smell the roses… .and the lilacs…. and numerous other plants that flower in the spring.

     This is a good time to plant seeds, they just spring right up.

       Spring training is the time for baseball players to get in the swing of things.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying spring so far.


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