Jokes for March 25th

Tonight I’m doing something new, I have the following six jokes, but are they really six jokes, or just one joke told six ways? Does it even matter?

I hope you enjoy these.

When the police couldn’t t make the food thief talk, the chief knew who to turn to, he called in a short order chef who knew a few things about grilling.
Who is the best person to make a food thief confess?
A chef who knows about grilling.
After the broccoli was caught stealing dough, it was grilled by the chef.
One day a loaf of bread discovered that some of its dough had been stolen, it decided to set a trap for the culprit, it turned out to be a gang of broccoli, they were all rounded up, but no one would say who the ringleader was… Until the chef grilled each one.
How can you get the truth out of vegetables?
By grilling them.
When the bakery was robbed, the investigating detective was able to narrow the suspects down to two, a shish kebab and a steak. Unable to determine which one stole the dough, the detective consulted with his boss, who happened to be a vampire. The vampire police chief listened to the facts, he blanched when he heard there was a steak involved, at length he said “Grill them.”

There they are, now it’s up to you to determine if they are just one joke or six jokes, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Thanks for reading.


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