Wacky random thoughts for March 26th

Tonight I’m going to share with you some of the wackiest random thoughts I’ve had today.

Warning! These thoughts are so odd they have been banned in parts of three parallel universes. Continue at your own risk.

With all the crazy laws that politicians come up with, just imagine if they created one that forbade using just one season to discribe something.

Take springs for example, they are in many everyday things, including watches. How is this for a possible conversation with a watchmaker after someone dropped his watch:

“I dropped my watch, I think the main spring is busted.”

“So you need a new summer?”

“No, I need a spring!”

“Right, so I’ll put one winter in.”

“But it’s March! You mean I won’t have my new spring until winter?”

“I could put a fall in instead.”

“Let me get this straight, you want to replace my spring with a fall next winter and I’ll have a summer?”

“Right, it’ll be ready in four hours.”

That might almost be worthy of Abbot and Costello!

Look what it would do to Shakespeare:

This is the fall of our discontent, unless it’s the spring or summer of our discontent regardless of the time of year, it may be the winter of our discontent if we don’t say it too much.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. If enough people like it I might do another post like this.


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