Marching out

March is on its way out, which means an e d to marching humor in these titles, at least until next year.

At least the weather is as unsettled as always, unseasonalble warm today, but winter like by the end of the week, unless the weather casters are wrong again, which wouldn’t be a surprise.

As we begin to move toward Summer, many of us will begin thinking about ice cream sandwiches, however I urge you to wait, you’ll savor them a lot more if you wait until the weather turns hot.

If you really need something slightly different from a normal chocolate chip cookie, try adding some cocoa powder to your cookie dough, you’ll get a double chocolate cookie which is great.

 This is a good time to begin deciding what comic books you plan on reading this spring and summer, you have many options as always,, many large developments in the main comic universes are happening this year, or so I’ve read.

 However if you plan on reading older comic books, you will want to plan ahead so you can find what you want. Don’t forget to consider comic books outside of your comfort zone, don’t ignore bugs bunny if you normally only read superman for instance,  everything has something in  its favor, even if it’s not something you think you’ll enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy those cookies and comic books this week.


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