‘Are we all here? Good, let’s begin.’
‘Is there any old business?’
‘Who cares about old stuff, unless we’ve forgotten about it long enough that it’s new again.’
‘Is there any new business?’
‘We need to plan out our attack for tonight, it’s an important date, April first.’
‘I propose we each select code names before anything else.’
‘We all ready have code names, Belly rubber and Feeder gave them to us, remember?’
‘I agree, we don’t need other names.’
‘Fine, Fluffy, Spot, if that’s what you want, I just want to go on the record as being opposed.’
‘So noted, Squeekum. Now what’s the plan?’
‘Fluffy, you will hide behind the door while Spot makes as much noise in the kitchen as possible, I’ll place a toy mouse right in the path by the door, when either belly rubber or Feeder walks to the door, Fluffy will let out her most bloodcurdling scream and run past. Spot will run the other way and surprise whoever is in the doorway. I’ll wait in the bathroom while Fluffy begs for water, I’ll be hiding in the sink, that will confuse and terrify one human.’
‘What about getting extra food?’
‘Ah, that’s the beauty of our dastardly plan, Fluffy will have the humans pity, they will give Spot food just to calm him down, and I, I will be the unfortunate cat who either is half drowned from a faucet, or they will think me so cute for sleeping in the sink that I’ll be able to get as much food as I want! Bwhahaha!’
‘Hey, what’s this Siri thing on this plate I’m sitting on? And why does it want to publish our minutes to a blog?’
‘You fool! Now the humans will know everything! Our plans are ruined!’

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