This time the world will be mine (and this post will appear!)

It is I, Dr. J. Smith again. While my plans for world domination didn’t work last year, this year I have a new plot that can’t fail!
While my robotic friend here managed to hack into this blog again this year, it wasn’t without some trouble, a nasty alien stole his power pack… Now twice the body of this post didn’t appear! It’s all the fault of that bubbleheaded nincompoop, one of his circuits must have been crossed!
What’s that, William? It was a dog? So you think, as does that dear sister of yours, but I can see through its disguise, it was definitely an alien bent on subjugating us all.
Now that my robotic friend has his power pack back and the alien threat has fled, I am free to continue my plan to capture all of Earth’s gold, once I have the gold, I’ll be the richest man in the universe!
All I have to do is to pull these twelve levers in the proper order within three seconds and a great field of electricity will form, it will be focused through a special device I developed that will magnetize all gold within twelve light years. Next my second machine here will kick in, it’s powered by a special kind of radioactive isotope I discovered, this machine will lock onto the magnetized gold and bring it to me via a wormhole.
I pull this lever like so, turn these dials and… Wait a moment! Something is wrong! My machine didn’t bring any gold to me, but it stole my gold watch! That bumbling nincompoop bucket of bolts reversed the beam!
If I can just reversed these two wires… Agh! Oh the pain, the pain! My beautiful machine! Ruined! Never again will I be able to rebuild it!
Oh well, now I’ll simple have to begin working on my machine to convert iron into platinum, or my fiendish plot to con… I mean persuade an alien invasion fleet to attack earth… All in the name of peace of course.
Come along William, and bring that bumbling bucket of circuits with you!


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