Random thoughts for April 3rd

Now that April fools day is past, my blog is getting back to the regularly scheduled posts, or at least as close to normal as I want it to be that is.

Now for a few random thoughts:

Easter is this Sunday, which is the one day of the year everyone is supposed to eat cream filled chocolate eggs, which is why everyone enjoys Easter.

Do you know how to keep cats happy? Just make sure that you aren’t comfortable while they are and they will be extremely happy.

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles? If so its obvious that you’re cross on occasion.

It’s April, that means that we’re supposed to get enough rain to float a boat, or do I have that old saying wrong? 

I hope all of you have plans for a good April, be it blogging, reading, gardening or what not, it’s important to find some bit of fun in whatever you do.

Thanks for reading.

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