First Monday of April

the first Monday of April is always filled with confusion as some people may not understand that April fools day is only the first day of April.

 It’s just such confusion that the comic book world is filled with, a hero that dies one day is alive again the next, while a super villain that everyone has known for years is suddenly not as bad as the new villain, the hero and old villain may even have to ally themselves against the new villain if that’s how the story goes.

What options do we have? Independent comics, though these are still fraught with danger as they likely won’t last too long, though on occasion they do manage to be around for several years.

 I have a riddle for you:

      What will last forever and yet be gone in minutes?

Answer at the end.

With the warm weather we’ve had lately, many of you may be thinking about breaking out the lemonade or iced tea, this is a great idea and something I endorse whole heartedly. I also suggest having a nice warm brownie along with it.

 You might also consider making catnip tea to share with your cat.

I hope you enjoy the week and enjoy a comic book.

Answer to riddle: a cookie. The recipe will last forever, while the cookie itself will be gone as soon as you eat it.


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