Random Thoughts for April 10th

its Friday again, where did the week go? I have a few thoughts to share with you tonight.

There are cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes and even current tomatoes, but no one has created a tomato plum, cherry or current, someone is missing the boat here.

You can buy fountains for cats, you most likely knew that, but did you know that you cat really wants an aqueduct running to their fountain? It just makes sense.

If time flys when you’re having fun, baseball is fun, what would happen if a game used clocks instead of base balls? It’s fun to think about, though it makes time fly, a whole new way to catch flies I guess.

If the weekend was in the middle of the week, would the week become the weekend?

If a philosopher took up deepsea diving, could you call him a deep thinker?

These are just a few thoughts that have passed through my mind this week.

 I hope you managed to get a chuckle or two from this post.

Thanks for reading!


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