Mid- April 

it’s mid april, the time of year when the forces of Winter and Summer do battle, a battle which is called Spring. It is a time where weather forecasters dread as they have an even smaller chance to correctly guess what the next day will bring.

It is also a time where intelligent comic books give up and either set the story on a tropical isle or the far north, just so they don’t have to deal with the changing weather.

This is a good week to take a break from reading comic books, I don’t suggest a break often, but every now and then you need a week without reading comic books, a week to relax and allow your mind to rest and mull over the events happening in your favorite comic series.

This is a

So a good week to take a break from lemonade and enjoy any other drink you enjoy, be it tea or root beer.

The only thing that you shouldn’t take a break from is chocolate chip cookies, they are really one thing that you can’t live without, at least happily.

If you must skip the chocolate chip cookies, I suggest you make sure you have plenty of cupcakes or cinnamon rolls, both of which are wonderful.

Thanks for reading! 

2 thoughts on “Mid- April 

    1. Comics can be a lot of fun to read, but they do require a commitment not everyone can afford. I personally find older comics easier to follow, but that’s just me.
      Enjoy them if you do go back, but bewarned, I’ve heard a lot of crazy stuff is going on in the various comic universes this year.


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