Jokes for April 15th

Its Wednesday night again, time for some jokes! I hope you enjoy them!


Why did the baseball pitcher love dunking vegetables into the deep fryer?
He lived putting the batters down.
Why did the baseball manager sing  while making pancakes?
He wanted the batter to swing.

Why did the chef love deep frying fruits all day?
He enjoyed frittering the day away.

Why did the chef deep fry his pocket watch inside a pumpkin?
He wanted to fritter the day away.

Why did the pirate turned gardener always eat liver while planting certain flowers?
Because he was a lily-livered land lubber!


When a baseball loving chef was deep frying and ran out of something, he called to his assistant “Batter up!”
When the baseball pitcher retired, he became a chef of some renown when it was discovered that he had a very particular way of making flavored pancakes, he did them in a ridged order,  he explained that he liked putting the batters down in order.
When the new restaurant  opened, its owner decided to use cocoa beans for the bar, he called it a chocolate bar.

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