Random thoughts for April 17th

Yet more random thoughts, will my mind never quite thinking these strange, random thoughts?

You know that the weather forecasters need a break when they say it’s going to rain four inches of snow.

There are many things you learn never to get between, politics for instance, also you never want to get between a cat and a mouse. The only thing worse than either of those would be if the cat and mouse were discussing politics and wanted you to be a moderator.

The greatest thing about hacked files being leaked is the frenzy people get into when something unlikely is ‘revealed’ to be a certain thing. Nothing is certain in these days, much less after it becomes common knowledge.

The latest news not to be announced is that a tech giant is working on building a dancing robot out of empty cans, it would obviously do the cancan.

Quite often I watch old TV shows or movies and wish that modern producers could have the same amount of ingenuity in costumes, they might have been bad disguises, but they were still great, or maybe the stories were just that much better.

If there is one thing this world needs is a battery that lasts two days on a single charge, that will happen shortly after batteries are rendered obsolete.

That’s all the random thoughts I have for tonight, I hope you enjoyed them.

Thanks for reading!


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