A sunny late April day

Unlike many months, April don’t lend itself to catchy titles of blog posts.

This time of April is always fraught with oddities in the weather, it’ll break a record for high temperature one day and snow two inches the next (the weather casters will wrongly predict a medium warm day and than a cold snap with two feet of snow however), thus goes April.

Even with the weather so unsettled, which may or may not be a bad thing depending on how you look at it, the weather is certainly much easier to predict than what will happen next to your favorite super hero in your favorite comic book, unless it’s an easy to understand plot lines he that has been done six times before in the same universe with the same super hero, which happens more often than you might believe.

Baking is a lot like comic books and weather, what works one day should work the next, but a small oddity can change everything, either for good or for bad. Thus the perfect chocolate chip cookie may never be replicated by anyone, nor will you be able to make a perfect brownie twice. But these changes are not something we should avoid, rather we should embrace the challange and work to make the perfect cookie,mbrownie or cake time after time, all the while wondering what we are doing wrong.

I mentioned in a rare post yesterday that I’m starting a new blog, it’s still not quite ready to be seen yet, but I should have some news for you in the next few days. My new blog won’t interfere with this one, I’m dedicated to keeping you laughing as much as possible.


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.


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