Random thoughts for April 24th

Its Friday night, that means the weekend is almost here!

I have a few random thoughts for you, but first I want to tell you about my new blog. As you might have seen over the weekend when I accidentally put a post on this site that I meant for my new blog, I’ve started a blog to review the books I read. I posted my second review tonight, which was what I wanted to do before I revealed it to you. I invite you to take a look at it:


Please remember that it is a new blog, I’m still trying to get it how I want it. Any comments are welcome.

Now on to the random thoughts!

You know spring is in full swing when the weather can go from a warm winter day to a mild summer day in just over a day, when it does it within a few hours, you know you are in Colorado.

April is a wonderful month, it’s a month when the weather starts to change, it’s a month when every baseball team is going to win it all.
If the energy that a cat uses to run full out could be utilized, we would see trucks rated in cat power.

Licorice and grape jelly beans are almost the same color, if I had my way the would look diferant, there is nothing worse than popping a grape jellybean in your mouth and discovering it’s licorice.

Apps are odd, when they get updates they always take away the feature you always use, they call it an upgrade, luckily the feature will be back in the next version.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve gotten a chuckle or two.

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