The last days of April 

As we come to the last as of April we should talk a moment to look back and ponder the first full month of spring. It was very spring like, the weather unpredictable, warmer than normal one day and winterlike the next.

 It has been a dry spring, however we must always optimistic that the weather will cooperate and bring plenty of rain everywhere over the next few months.
The next few weeks, as everyone begins to think about gardening, the comic books of choice are, of course, any with rabbits in them. However any other cartoon comic book with animals in it is also acceptable, providing that at least one  animal can be seen in a garden.

 Yes, this is a great time of year to ignore superheroes, everyone needs a break now and then after all.
It’s also a great time to make an extra batch of cookies, it’s possible the best time to indulge in cookies after the winter holidays. 

Never forget chocolate chip cookies, you should never get caught without a few. However a batch of oatmeal cookies can be a nice addition, or you could make your favorite kind of cookie, the only thing you need to make sure you do is enjoy and have fun making the cookies.

You should, of course, have your favorite spring drink with your cookies, lemonade is always good, it adds a bit of tang to go along with your cookies, it can counter the sweetness. Tea or the ced tea is also an option, it’s all up to you.
Thanks for reading. I hope you can enjoy the last days of April.


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