Jokes for April 29th

Tonight I have some interesting jokes for you. Since the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, I thought I’d share some horse racing related jokes with you. I hope you enough these, if you don’t simply say niegh.
When the baker won every horse race he bet on for a year, everyone said he was on a roll.
When the wealthy baker bought a horse with the intent on running it in the derby and willing the triple crown, everyone said he was a doughnut.
When the jockey ate a pastry before every race, people began to say he was a dough nut.

While flipping pancakes, a chef was asked what horse would win the derby, he said it was a toss up.

When the vampire lost his bet on the derby for the hundredth time, it drove him batty.

Why do vampires hate horse races?
Because of the stakes.

Failed jokes:

These jokes just didn’t work, I don’t find them very funny, but they have at least a small possibility. What can you do with them? Try your hand a rewriting them and leave your attemp in the comments!

Why did the horse need new shoes?
Because his were running out of luck.

Why did the jockey carry a horse shoe at night?
Because he couldn’t  carry a lucky star.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these jokes.

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