Wisdom for May 1st

Tonight I’m going to share a few words of wisdom with you, once these might have been called common sense, but with how times change they are now words of wisdom.


Never get between a cat and a freshly opened window in spring.

When a cat charges at you like a runaway steam engine, get out of the way.

If a cat looks like a runaway steam engine, you’re likely in a steampunk story.

When weather forecasters predict rain, you’re either going to have a sunny day, a rainy day or it’ll snow.

On a sunny day you’ll find a cat in the sunniest part of your home, with a little catnip you’ll be able to command five minutes of their time.

If typos were wishes, everyone would be fish.

When blogging, always make sure you have something interesting to say.

Never repeat yourself on your blog unless you have nothing else to say.

Humor can make people laugh, it can also void any rules at least once. Cats have a unique sense of humor, one most of us humans can’t always understand.


I hope these words of wisdom have improved your weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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