May we have a nice week?

May, the politest month of all, or perhaps it is just the month to be polite during.

May is the month where we all begin to think about summer, lemonade, hotdogs, brats, baseball and so much more. Some of these will wait until full summer for some people, of course, but they are well worth thinking about.

  As we begin to think about summer, it’s well worth taking a few hours and watching an old movie for a change. Yes, I did write movie instead of comic book. While comic books are great to read anytime, sometimes you just need to take a nice break and watch a movie or two. What could be better on a rainy May day?

 Maybe reading a good book is more your style, if so, please take a moment to look at my book review blog

 Chocolate chip cookies are still the best snack even during May, but doughnuts are well worth considering as well. Perhaps the most difficult decision we will make is what to drink with out cookies or doughnuts. Lemonade is a good option, though tea, be it iced or warm, is also a decent choice.

 The main thing is to take a break, eat something good and relax. The world moves too fast, we need to step back and, as they say, smell the roses.

Thank you for reading.
(Updated May 5th to correct large typo)


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