Humor for May 8th

Tonight I have some random humor for you, I hope you enjoy!


While the rain in Spain might be known to fall on certain plains, the rain in Denver is much less selective, it’ll fall everywhere and on anyone.


With this Sunday being Mother’s Day here In the U.S. there are three things you know sell well here in Denver: flowers, candy and snow shovels.

Yes snow shovels, it’s mothers day and that means snow, possibly a lot of it too.


Cats enjoy sun, they don’t like rain very well, that’s a fact everyone knows. A cat that hasn’t seen the sun for most of a week due to rain isn’t happy, two cats that haven’t seen the sun are even less happy.


With the droughts around the world right now, the story about time to rewrite one oft quoted bit of Shakespeare: Mosture, by any other name, would still be wet”

Or “If rain by the bearer of Mosture, drizzle on.”


The only thing worse than a rainy weekend is a rainy weekend without an excuse not to do anything.


If you take the time to watch commercials, you see some strange names, such as a cruise line that is named after a well known historic civilization of Raiders, what’s next? A cruise line called Blackbeard? 


 I hope you got a few chuckles from this post. Thanks for reading!


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