Odd insights

I have a few odd insights into ordinary things you see every day, I hope you enjoy.


Cats are behind everything

If you watch any cat, you’ll notice that they seldom walk or run in a straight line.

 Look at any modern road construction project, you’ll notice that it will have curves, zigs and even zags, all for no purpose. It’s obvious that cats are behind all road construction.


Take a look at the meals being made on nearly any cooking show, next look at the new flavored of cat food, you’ll notice a certain overlap, which proves cats are in control of all food preparation.


The sky isn’t blue (at least not all the time)

It’s normal for people to say ‘is the sky blue?’ In a sarcastic way, but in truth it isn’t always blue. At night most people would call the sky black, when it rains the sky is grey, due to the clouds. Thus the next time someone asks you that question, you can tell them not always.


Blogging can be hard

Blogging can be hard, you might not have any ideas, you might not have much time, or a cat could easily stop you, either by taking over your keyboard or needing his ears scratched.

Also, you might encounter the horrors of autocorrect and spell check, either one can ruin your post, together your post about cooking a bowl of chili can become a missive about the downfall of the Roman Empire.

Autocorrect can even turn a simple word such as while into something inexplicable such as explain honk.


You also have the odd formatting errors, where every word is jammed together in one paragraph, which can make it hard to read. This is one problem I’m having more and more often lately.


 I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!


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