Jokes for May 27th

I haven’t felt very funny this past week, but I’ve managed to come up with a few jokes for you, they might not be the best, but if nothing else you should be able to laugh at how bad they are! I hope you enjoy!


Which is better?


(The following jokes are all basically the same, which one do you prefer?)

What happened when the automaton purchased a canoe?

It became a row-bot.
When the android was put to work on the long boat, he became a row-bot.
What did the inventor call his self propelled drone that was build into a yacht?

The row-bot.




An elephant, a walrus and a priest walked into a bar at dawn, the bartender glanced around, sighed and said, ‘looks like it’s going to be a funny day.’

While traveling through space, a fearless astronaut named Alexander discovered a mysterious asteroid that seemed to be hollow. Further investigation showed him that it wasn’t an asteroid after all, but a bell made out of gram crackers. When the astronaut reported his findings to Earth, he became famous. Everyone was talking about Alexander’s gram bell.


Failed joke.


(This joke didn’t work out right, any suggestions on how to fix it?)
A werewolf was looking forward to attending a baseball game, he had won a ticket that included a chance to get a picture taken with the stars of the team, unfortunately for the werewolf he tripped and fell against the mascot, which was an old star with a bat, just as the moon rose. The headline said it all ‘Silver slugger knocks out wolf.’


 I hope you enjoyed these jokes and puns. Next week I’m hoping to have better jokes.

Thanks for reading!


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