When June gives you lemons…

make lemonade, or so I paraphrase. The only unanswered question is what to do when your drowning in lemonade, but that’s the subject for either another post, a psychologist or a blockbuster flop of a movie with at least two superheroes, take your pick.

June is an interesting month, while most of it is technically part of Spring, many if not most people consider it Summer, plus mid-summer’s night lands during June, even though it is just a few days after the official start of Summer.

Lemonade and ice cream, hotdogs and hamburgers are what most people think about during this month, if they are dieting they think about frozen yogurt and tofu dogs instead, but that has no bearing on this post.

 June is also the time when many people begin to plan or start a vacation, one thing few think about are common crooks, those simple, easy to carry, easy to read (at least the better ones are easy to read) things that can make any trip a bit more fun. Be it an old favorite, a new favorite, or something you have always wanted to read, comic books are essential to summer.

 One thing that tends to be left out of summer are chocolate chip cookies, the reason is that the chocolate chips get soft and start to melt in the heat, while no one wants a melted cookie, we’re not so harsh with ice cream any any form. I feel this is a sad fact of life, also it is something to work on, I suggest freezing your chocolate chip cookies and serving them as you would ice cream, or with a scoop of ice cream on top, either one is great.

While one of the latest fads is a pretzel bun, I can see where some unscrupulous people would be tempted to go too far, thus I do not recommend a chocolate chip cookie wrapped around a hot dog, that would be something you’d hear about only on this blog in my ruining food posts.
In conclusion, I want to say that I hope you’ll consider making co,if books and chocolate chip cookies a part of your summer plans, just like hotdogs and ice cream all ready are (or should be).

 Thank you for reading and have a great week.


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