Jokes for June 3rd

It’s s Wednesday night again, time for a few jokes. I don’t have many for you, but I think the ones I have are funny, I hope you do as well.




A programmer managed to get on a game show, he managed to hold his own, then he was up against an auto mechanic answering questions about cars, the odds were against the programmer, but he got every question correct, when asked about his amazing luck, everyone said it was autocorrect.

When the tortilla lost a small piece of itself, it was a tortilla chipped.

Are weavers funny?

Yes, weaver groups are full of cards.

How does a weaver tell a joke?

She spins a yarn.

When the jogger skipped his daily run, he said it was okay since a miss is as good as a mile.
When the runner lost the marathon by a half mile, he wasn’t upset, instead he pointed out that as a miss is as good as a mile, he actually won.


Failed jokes:


For some reason I always have jokes that start out looking as if they will be funny, but they ended up falling flat, here are two such jokes from this week, maybe sometime I’ll try to fix them, feel free to offer some advice.

When the crook was getting his picture taken to send his mother for her birthday, he ruined the picture when the photographer said cheese.

When the cat was bitten by a vampire, there was a rash of dead catnip plants.


That’s all the jokes for this week, I hope you enjoyed them.

Thanks for reading!


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