Wacky thoughts for June 5th

Here are a few wacky thoughts to amuse you tonight:


Some people wonder if we are but a stray thought of some greater mind, I wonder if we’re unwitting actors in a budget TV show who are forced to ad lib our parts because the producers didn’t have the budget for a script.


Many wise philosophers over the years have said that money is the root of evil, it can’t buy happiness, etc. some go so far as to say you would be happier without money. All I want to know is how much were they paid to say these things?


Auto correct is nice, sometimes. However I’m so good at misspelling words that I can stump auto correct quite often, I assume that’s why it has taken to changing random words I type and turning them into nonsense phrases.


Sometimes it’s interesting to ponder what a random historical figure would think about a random technology we take for granted to day, say Julius Caesar and a smart phone, just what would he think about it?


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.


3 thoughts on “Wacky thoughts for June 5th

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