Jokes for June 10th

Its Wednesday night again, that means it’s time for a few jokes!

These jokes are not very good, but they should be worth at least a groan or two!




A pig, a baseball pitcher and a elephant are in a store that only sells rope. The elephant sees the pig and charges at the baseball pitcher, who jumps out of the way and lands on the pig. The pig, startled by the noise, leaps into a bundle of rope, which falls on the hapless pitcher, who tries to get out from under the ropes but only manages to get wrapped up in the ropes, he laughs and says “I’ve been hogtied!”

A vampire walked into a butchers shop to talk to the butcher he had dealt with the day before, the butcher glared at the vampire and said “I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” and picked up a steak.


Whats and Hows 


What happens if you cross a thief and a programmer?

You get your wallet stolen while your sandwich gets a byte taken out of it.

What happens when an angry cow steals a car and tries to make good her escape on a bumpy road?

You get sour cream.

How did the wizard keep the door from closing?

He used a door stop for a spell.


Good for groans


When the crook tried to go straight, he stole a car with GPS.
How does a software pirate live?

He eats Apples while looking out Windows.
How do you make a strawberry mad at dessert time 

Short its cake. (Shortcake)


I hope you enjoyed these jokes tonight, if you laughed or chuckled, my work was a success. 

Thank you for reading.

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