Random thoughts for Friday, June 12th

Its time for a few more random thoughts! These thoughts have been banned from at least six planets in our solar system. Enjoy!


There are few things certain about a chip, be it potato, tortilla or any other kind. One thing that is a proven fact is that any random bag will appear to all outside evidence to contain mostly whole chips, however once you open it, roughly half will look as if that had been fighting a war in the chip factory and lost.


When blogging, there will be one post you’re in a hurry to get posted and can’t give it a thorough read though, that will be the one where autocorrect changes your perfect line into something that no one can understand, this is bad for most blogs,  however all you have to do is claim it was an attempt at humor.


There can be many things that can alter your blogging schedule  not the least of which is a power outage that take out your internet connection. The best defense is not to have a set time to blog.


Cats are great creatures, but they are attracted to moths like, well, a moth to a flame. So make sure your cat doesn’t have access to matches and candles.


i hope you’ve enjoyed these random thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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