June: I’m out of wit and humor

It’s  true, I have run out of funny things to title my Monday posts, next thing you know I’ll start having pathetic jokes on Wednesday nights…. Oh, never mind, I’ve had some bad jokes recently as it is.

 It is that time of year; when the weather bellows Summer, the calendar laughs Speing and everyone just wants some nice cold lemonade, a ice cream cone and the latest comic book.

 Cats are only slightly different than humans right now, they want you to have a glass of lemonade while they sneak your ice cream, all the while sitting on your comic book in the sun.

 In all seriousness, we do have a problem this time of year, we are forced to choose between lemonade and cookies or vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce and butterscotch syrup with a few chocolate chips thrown on top for good measure.

 In my mind, there really isn’t a way to go wrong, just make sure that you drink your lemonade early during the day when its first getting warm out, then enjoy your ice cream later when the heat sets in, another glass of lemonade later balances everything out nicely.
The only thing you need to decide for yourself is what comic books you are going to read this week. There are, as always, many choices, limited only by your tastes. Choose something that you know you will enjoy, while I normally suggest trying something new, during this nearly summer time, I believe that you need something familiar or at least easy to enjoy.

I hope that you can enjoy your week, your lemonade and ice cream. If you have a hankering for chocolate chip cookies, just put a scoop of ice cream between two.

Thanks for reading!


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