Jokes for June 17th

Its Wednesday night again, time for a few jokes. I have fewer than normal this week, but I think they are better than last week, I hope you’ll agree.




A cow, a politician and a warmonger walked into a stable. The cow turned to the stable hand and said “they think I’m a horse!”
The stable hand replied, “That’s odd, but I can’t get involved.”
The politician said “any animal with four legs is a horse, a ketchup is a vegetable.”
The stable hand smiles, “Is that so? I don’t agree, but I can’t get involved.”
The warmonger turns to the stable hand and whispers “I know that cow isn’t a horse, but this is the only way I can get that politician’s goat.”
The stable hand glances around, then replies in a whisper “You’re too late, the politician’s goat got loose yesterday.”

A gardener, a chef and a ninja walk into a museum of fine art. They are told admission is free, but leaving is another matter.
The gardener walks out an hour later after giving the guards a leaf. The chef soon follows, tossing the guard a salad. The ninja laughs and says “now there are none that can chuck me out of here.”


Lemon humor


Why did the used car salesman get upset after crushing the defective cars on a hot day?
Because he couldn’t make lemons into lemonade.

How do you repair a defective car?
You give it lemonade.

Why are lemons always sour?
Everyone always wants their help, or in other words, lemonade.


That’s all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed these jokes.

Thanks for reading!


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