Odd thoughts for June 19th

It’s Friday night, time for some crazy, wacky, random thoughts! Some might also be too true to be funny. These thoughts are as odd as I have tonight, you’ve been warned!

Battery meters on today’s devices aren’t all they are cracked up to be, it’ll tell you that you have five hours left, but twenty minutes later you’ll find that it is nearly dead.

 This shouldn’t be happening, but it has become a sad fact of life with today’s gadgets.


TV shows should be required to start on the hour, not three minutes early, if a channel does start them early, they should pay the viewers.


 If summer hasn’t even started yet and we’re suddenly getting as hot as we are, what is summer going to bring?


What would be really interesting is if we could bring someone from the past to the present day,  show them everything we’ve accomplished and see what suggestions they would have for fixing the problems we have today.


Since cats are so good at opening doors, why hasn’t anyone created a door with a device to close it again after the cat walks through, it would be useful and keep your cat entertained at the same time.


With it being summer in over half the world, I think that the world would benefit from everyone getting plenty of ice cream, it would improve everyone’s mood, it might also help people get along better.


That’s all the odd thoughts I have for tonight, thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.


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